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A Study to Evaluate The Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding First Aid Management Of Selected Emergencies Among PU Students At Selected College, Jammu

Gurjinder kour


In India the awareness of first aid management is very less but the need of first aid management is very much higher. First aid is not only just about helping crash victims at the roadside. It is an assistance given to any person suffering a sudden illness and injury with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, and to promote recovery.
OBJECTIVES: (1) To assess the exiting level of knowledge regarding first aid management of selected emergencies among PU students. (2) To evaluate the effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on knowledge regarding first aid management of selected emergencies among PU students by comparing pre test and post test knowledge scores. (3) To determine the association between the levels of knowledge regarding first aid management of selected emergencies among PU students and their selected socio demographic variables.
DESIGN: Pre experimental one group pre test – post test design was selected for the study.
SUBJECT: The participants are 60 PU students in selected College, Bangalore. SAMPLING METHOD: A simple random, technique was used to select the sample of the study.
DATA COLLECTION TOOL: A structured knowledge questionnaire was used to collect data from the subjects.
DATA ANALYSIS: The obtained data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics and interpreted in terms of objectives and hypotheses of the study. The level of significance was set at 0,05 levels.
RESULTS: In pre test, the subjects had inadequate knowledge with a mean percentage of 44.0% and standard deviation of 12.9% where as in post test there is a significant gain of mean knowledge 83.4% and standard deviation of 8.7%. Study shows significant association between pretest knowledge levels with selected socio demographic variables like age(x2=8.81), gender (x2= 5.22), and previous exposure (x2=4.77) were significant at 0.05 level.
CONCLUSION: In the present study, the post test mean score was 83.45% with SD of 8.7 and the respondents post test knowledge score were significantly higher than the mean pre test knowledge score 44.0% with SD of 12.9% and computed paired ‘t’ value 21.96 is higher than table value 1.96, which shows that structured teaching programme was effective at 0.05% level of significance(P≤0.05).

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