A Study to assess the effect of black tea mouth rinse on dental plaque among children between 7-14 years at Z. P.High School,A. Rangampet

Sharaf Anuradha


The study aimed to assess the effect of black tea mouth rinse among children with dental plaque in experimental group. This experimental pre test and post test control group study was conducted on 50 children between the age of 7-14 years (25 each in experimental and control group) at Z. P .High School, A. Rangampet. The average value of plaque index in experimental group before study was 1.56 and after study was 0.52. An average Plaque Index was decreased after black tea mouth rinse from 1.56to 0.52, the deviation is about 1.04 and the variance of plaque index is also decreased from 0.34 to 0.26, the deviation is about 0.08.
The test is significance i.e. after conducting the experiment the plaque index was decreased in experimental group.,[t cal=14.806 > t tab =2.06] An average plaque index in control group was 1.52 and in experimental group was 0.52. So the level or degree of dental plaque in experimental group was decreased after receiving black tea mouth rinse for 14 days as compared to selected control group.The paired t-test revealed that there is a significance difference between two means i.e., t-test for means of experimental group was more efficient than control group i.e., a t-calculated value=6.43 was more than t-table value = 2.01.



https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4678549/ -










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