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Nursing Burnout: The Innovative approach to Overcome

ananda nagappa kudari, Somashekhar Ramappa Kodliwad


Health care organizations and management need to acknowledge the problem of work related stress and provide the much needed appropriate measures. Examining nurses’ working conditions and ensuring availability of resources is likely to improve job satisfaction, decrease turnover and intent to leave. Nurses have tremendous responsibilities and deal with enormous challenges. It is reported that nurses are more prone to developing stress than other health care professionals. Drawing attention to the challenges in nursing profession like burnout. In nursing profession, burnout is mainly due to, increase in workload lack of ability to prioritize that work providing care around the clock, patients becoming vulnerable and too needy and making it a priority to find solutions to these challenges may retain nurses and also be one way of tackling the nursing shortage thus reducing workload which is found to be one of the leading causes of stress and eventually burnout. The signs and symptoms of burnout are constantly sick and tired, Feel under-Appreciated, dread Going Into Work, going through the Motions, Becoming Insensitive to Your Patients, Chronic fatigue, Insomnia, Forgetfulness/impaired concentration and attention, Physical symptoms, Increased illness etc. we must try to avoid this type nurses burnout by some measures like Figure out what area of nursing you are passionate about, Search for workplaces with lower nurse-to-patient ratios, Prioritize your nutrition daily, Engage in an unrelated hobby and many more.

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