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Quality of Clinical Learning Environment and Supervision of Nursing Students

Sr Lilly Joseph, Simple Rajagopal, Dhivya Jose, Lisha Thomas, Juby Joseph


A study was conducted to assess the quality of clinical learning environment and supervision among BSc nursing students of a selected college, Ernakulam. From two batches, a total of 99 samples were selected by total enumeration sampling fulfilling the inclusion criteria. Using the clinical learning experience and supervision scale, data was collected and analysed with descriptive and inferential statistics. The major findings were 73 % students reported that the quality of clinical learning environment and supervision as excellent and 26.26 % reported as good while none of them reported as average. Majority (86 %) of first year BSc nursing students when compared to second year BSc nursing students (61.3 %) reported that the quality of clinical learning environment and supervision as excellent. The study concluded that nursing students were satisfied with the quality of clinical learning environment and supervision and by their contribution to fulfilment of overall learning outcomes and emphasize the potential of clinical supervision to contribute to personal growth and a caring attitude towards patients, thereby ensuring patient safety.
Keywords: Clinical learning environment, clinical supervision, clinical experience

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