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A Descriptive study to assess the Knowledge regarding prevention of Home Accidents Among Mothers of Under five Children in Selected Areas of Guru gram, Haryana

Maddikera Chinna Devi, Aishwarya Kumar, Aman ., Amit .


Accidents are the dominant origin of death and disability for children over the age of one in many automated countries. More than 2 million children under the age of 15 experience accidents in and around the home every year, for which they are taken to accident and emergency units. Those most at risk from home accident are the 0-5years age group. The objectives were 1.To assess the knowledge regarding prevention of home accidents in mothers of under-five children and 2.To find out the association between knowledge of mothers of under five children regarding prevention of home accidents with demographic variables. The data collection procedure was carried out in the month of June 2016. The samples were taken from Farrukh Nagar ( Guru Gram) community area. Sample consists of 100 mothers of under-five children. Non probability convenient sampling technique was used. Pre-tested structured Knowledge questionnaire was used to assess the knowledge of mothers regarding prevention of home accidents. Study results revealed that majority of under-five children’s mothers (45%) were in the age group of 23-27 years, related to education (49%) of mothers had secondary education , 46% had primary education, 5% mothers were graduates. Related to family income, (45%) was Rs 15,000-20,000/-, there is no impact of Family income on knowledge of mothers of under-five children, As per number of children, maximum (51%) have one child. Older mothers statistically found to have a better level of knowledge than young mothers (p value is 0.05). Higher educated mothers (5%) were statistically associated with a higher level of knowledge in accident prevention ( p value is 0.04). Demographic variables like Age and Education showed significance . Related to age Chi-Square value for given table is 26.620, degree of freedom is 4 and p value is 0.00 which is less than 0.05.Therefore there is significant association between age of mothers of under five children and knowledge score.
Related to education of mothers ;Chi-Square Value for given table is 9.960, degree of freedom is 4 and p value is 0.041, which is less than 0.05.Therefore there is significant association between education of mother of under five children and knowledge 0.05.
Conclusion: The study concluded that there are many descriptive studies. This study proved that 5% 0f mothers had graduation education and has got impact on prevention of home accidents. Hence it is important that the interventional studies can be conducted to prevent home accidents.
Keywords: mother’s knowledge, under five children, prevention, home accidents.

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