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Effect of early initiation of breast feeding on duration of third stage of labour and amount of blood loss among parturient mothers

Vijitha VT, Vahitha S, Dr. Mamatha Gowda


Background and objectives: Breast feeding not only helps the baby to become healthy, it is beneficial to the mother also, putting baby to the breast straight after the birth helps the womb to contract and speeds delivery of the placenta will be faster. The aim of the study is to assess the effect of early initiation of breast feeding on duration of third stage of labour and amount of blood loss in parturient mothers. Methods and materials: Randomized control trial was used. A total of 134 samples were selected for the study by using simple random sampling. Randomized the mothers in to two groups by block randomization. The investigator given study intervention that is early initiation of breast feeding. In control group initiation of breast feeding according to routine labour room practice. Result: The third stage duration and amount of blood loss in experimental, and control group were significantly different (P <0.001). The total length was 243 and blood loss was 200 in third stage and it was significantly correlated (p<0.001). There was no significant association of third stage duration with parity in experimental (p=0.84) and control (0.92) groups. But, there was a significant association of the amount of blood loss with parity between the study (p=.036) and control (p=.007) group. Conclusion: Early initiation of breast feeding is an effective method for reducing the duration of third stage of labour and amount of blood loss. It is the physiological management of third stage and it can be used as cost effective and non-invasive method for prevention of PPH.

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