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Effectiveness of Icepack Application on Reduction of Labour Pain Among Primi Gravid Women During First Stage of Labour Admitted in MGMCRI

S. Lavanya


Pain is a highly unpleasant and very personal sensation that cannot be shared with others. Normally labour pain in primi mothers is unbearable, usually they cry out for help when the intensity increases. Many non pharmacologic methods relieve labour pain. Many women appreciate the simplicity of these methods to reduce labour pain without creating potentially serious side effects or high economic costs. The objectives of the study were to assess the level of pain perception in first stage of labour among primi gravid women during pretest to evaluate the effectiveness of icepack application on labour pain perception in first stage of labour during posttest and to find out the association between the level of pain Perception in first stage of labour with selected demographic variable. The study conducted in labour ward 30 primi gravid women during active phase of labour with 3 cm cervical dilatation were a selected as sample by using convenient sampling technique. Numerical pain rating scale was used to assess the pain perception. The result revealed that the obtained Wilcoxon value was -3.542 and p value was 0.000***. It was highly statistically significant at p<0.001 level. There is significant difference between pretest and posttest values of pain level. It shows that icepack application was effective in reduction of labour pain perception among primi gravid women in first stage of labour.

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