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Visual Package on Breastfeeding Technique Among Antenatal Mothers a Pre-experimental Study

Verginia D’souza


Breastfeeding is as old as human being. Breast milk is accepted as the unique nutritive food provided by nature for the newborn. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of a visual package on breastfeeding technique among antenatal mothers admitted at selected hospital at Mangalore. The study aimed at improving the knowledge of the mothers on breastfeeding technique. An evaluative approach with pre-experimental one group pre-test post-test design was used for the study. The sample consisted of 30 antenatal mothers& chosen by purposive sampling technique. Data were collected by using the structured knowledge interview schedule. Result revealed that mean pretest knowledge score was 16 and in posttest 27. The computed ‘t’-test showed significant difference between mean pretest and posttest (t29=2.05, < t=16.59 at 0.05 level of significance). Study revealed that there is no significant association between the pre-test scores of antenatal mothers and the selected demographic variables at 0.05 (highly significant) level of significance. The study concluded that visual package and other modalities of health teaching had significant effectiveness in health teaching. The study recommended that to conduct further longitudinal studies in improving the knowledge and technique of breast feeding among mothers.

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