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A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Structure Teaching programme on Knowledge Regarding Hazards of Radiation Exposure and its Preventive measures among Staff Nurses

ananda nagappa kudari


Radiation is the energy that propagates through matter or space. Radiations are usually classified in to Non-ionizing and ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is the main concern for health effects since it can change chemical properties in human body. When radiation pears a body that can deposit energy that can directly damage the DNA in tissue that would eventually cause damage to critical chemical bond in body. So it is necessary to minimize radiation hazards in hospital settings. Appropriate education through the structured teaching programme is necessary to minimise the risk of exposure to nursing staffs. Pre experimental, one group pre-test and post-test design was used to conduct the study. Study was conducted in the Hospital, Dharwad. Non probability Purposive sampling technique was used to select the 50 samples. Structured knowledge questionnaire on Hazards of radiation exposure and its preventive measures was used for data collection. Reliability was estimated by using test-retest method and obtained reliability was r=0.81. The result showed that before teaching programme the majority 76 % (38) of Staff Nurses had Average knowledge, 22% (11) had poor knowledge and 2% (1) of the Staff Nurses had good knowledge. After teaching programme the majority, 64% (32) of Staff Nurses had good knowledge and 34% (17) of them had Average knowledge, 2% (01) of the Staff Nurses had poor knowledge. In the present study the result showed that in pre-test the mean score was ± 13.32 and SD was ± 4.16 whereas the mean of post-test score was ± 20.96 and SD was ± 3.94. The obtained or calculated‘t’ value was ±18.98 which was higher than the table ‘t’ value i.e. 2.09 which is highly significant at p ≤ 0.05 level (p=0.0001). Hence the Null hypothesis is rejected. Finally result depicts that structured teaching programme was effective in enhancing the knowledge of staff Nurses regarding hazards of radiation exposure and its preventive measures.

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