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A Study to evaluate the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Breast Self Examination (BSE) in terms of Knowledge and Practice among Female School Teachers of Selected Senior Secondary Schools of Ambala

Bimla Rani, Namita Sidhu


Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women with the exception of no melanoma skin cancer. It has been observed by various studies that it is the second leading cause of death by cancer in women. Therefore, it is necessary for the women to understand about breast cancer and its early detection by doing breast self-examination (BSE). A study to evaluate the effectiveness of planned teaching programme (PTP) on BSE in terms of knowledge and practice among female school teachers of selected senior secondary schools of Ambala. The objectives of the study were to assess and evaluate the knowledge of female school teachers on BSE before and after the administration of PTP; to assess and evaluate the practice of female school teachers on BSE before and after the administration of PTP; to determine the relationship between knowledge and practice of female school teachers on BSE before and after the administration of PTP; and to determine the relationship between gained post-test knowledge and practice score of female school teachers with selected demographic variables. The conceptual framework adopted for the study was based on modified Bertanlanffy’s general system theory. The sample size of 30 female school teachers was selected using total enumeration sampling method. At the end, it was concluded that PTP was effective in enhancing the knowledge of school teachers in Ambala city.

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