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A Sequential Explanatory Mix Methods Design to Understand the Awareness, Opinion on Cervix Cancer, Compare the Acceptance of Self Sampling Versus Assisted Sampling on HPV Screening and Barriers for HPV Vaccination Among Women-study Protocol

Ankita Jacob, Manjubala Dash, Jeyastri Kurushev, Felicia Chitra, Malarvizhi .


Cancer is one of the leading causes of adult deaths worldwide. India alone suffers from more than one quarter of the world population facing the distractive effect of cervical cancers such as cervix and breast cancers. Early detection through screening can help in reduction of cancer effect and help in providing better treatment. However, despite availability of various screening methods for cervical cancer, women are not showing interest to participate in screening in regions where programme is available. It is predicted that the number of women in India who will die due to cervical cancer will reach to 13 million by 2120. Providing screening programs is in place a major obstacle for women across many countries and culture has been the requirement to undergo a speculum based pelvic examination, limited sources to care and lack of awareness about disease and preventive tools. In this protocol study, we provide an assessment of opinion and experiences regarding self-sampling versus assisted sampling for HPV screening and noncompliance of HPV vaccine among women at selected villages of Puducherry as a mixed methods study. 

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