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Acupressure on Bio Physiological Parameters among Patients Receiving Chemotherapy

T. Angel Priya, N. Ganapathy, P. Padmavathi


Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled and unregulated growth of cells. Chemotherapy is used to treat cancer which has many adverse effects that can be reduced by mind-body medicine. One among which is acupressure that practices the power and sympathy of the hand in the release of stress-related ailments and is model for self-treatment and preventive health care for boosting the immune system. Acupressure releases tension, increases circulation and develops spirituality and vibrant health. When the acupressure facts are moved, they publication muscular tension, encourage circulation of blood and increase the body's life force vigor to support healing. So, the researcher decided to create awareness about acupressure and make them to practice the same to bring a reduction in their biophysiological parameters. This study evaluates the effectiveness of acupressure on selected biophysiological parameters among patients receiving chemotherapy in selected hospitals at Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu. Evaluative research approach, quasi experimental time series research design was used for this study. It was conducted in Holy Cross Hospital, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District among 20 samples selected by purposive sampling technique. After obtaining permission from the hospital and informed consent from the samples, demographic variables and clinical variables were collected. Pretest was conducted immediately after chemotherapy by using Observation tool which consisted of measurement of heart rate and blood pressure. Acupressure was administered to them and posttest was conducted for all the cycles (1st to 5th cycles). Majority of the samples belongs to the age group of 40–49 years, were males, have an educational status of degree and above, were homemakers, belongs to nuclear family, reside in urban area with more than two children and have no social habits. Majority of them had identified their disease through biopsy and now were in 2nd stage of Cancer breast with the duration of 0–12 months using adplatin as the chemotherapeutic drug, have not taken any anti emetic drugs and have not undergone any other treatment. All of them were using chemotherapeutic drug through IV mode. It was also found that there was a move of samples from abnormal to normal heart rate and blood pressure after acupressure. The pretest mean heart rate was 80.0±2.1 and post-5 test mean heart rate was 72.4±0.8. The mean improvement 7.6±2.3 was statistically very highly significant (P<0.001). The pretest mean SBP was 136.0±9.7mm/Hg. The post-5 test mean SBP was 116.0± 7.0mm/Hg. The improvement of SBP was statistically very highly significant (P<0.001). The pretest mean DBP was 92.0±4.2mm/Hg. The post-5 test mean DBP was 71.0± 3.2mm/Hg. The improvement of DBP was statistically very highly significant (P<0.001). Thus, it was proved that acupressure can effectively reduce the biophysiological parameters that rise due to chemotherapy.

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